Nantucket, MA •

Judith Brust
Mixed Media

Judith A. Brust is a nationally known artist who works in various mediums. Her painting and drawing, both abstract and figurative and most recently unusually large (4 ft x 8 ft) layered monoprints. Influenced by extensive readings in the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Gaston Bachelard. She is inspired by the spiritual quality in the works of fellow painters and sculptors Mark Rothko, Paul Klee, Louise Bourgeois and Eva Hesse.

Brust, confronts us with deeply felt intimations of life’s journey. Art historian Mary Buchan wrote, “Lyrical in feeling and heroic in scale, they capture in their veils of color the layers of the artist’s interests and emotions. They invite the viewer to enter into her world, where she explores concepts of religion, ritual and generational passage.”

Brust discourages any literal interpretation of her work. She encourages viewers to bring their own histories and life experiences in responding to her images. Writer and artist Janet Schaunessy commented, “The monoprints remind us of what we already know. living is both profoundly beautiful and meaningful and also painful and finite.

Her work runs the gamut of size. Her large, human-scale pieces address our exterior world, drawing us into color and beautiful danger. Small, intimate pieces mirror the inner world, where true growth and change are possible. Stoic, beautiful birds again offer aid on our private journey from birth to death and rebirth.

Judith Brust
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