Nantucket, MA •

John Francis Gallagher

John Francis Gallagher (b.1974 Drogheda, Ireland) is an artist living and working outside Boston, Massachusetts. His preferred medium is oil on canvas or board.

“My work begins with a story. Imagery comes, both abstract and representational. A story is born and lives within the work. It is my goal that the story does not end on the canvas. The work may resonate with the viewer and connect with each in a personal way. The story may drift, hide and evade. The story may beckon, whisper and peek. A story with no words, experienced through emotion and sensation. It belongs to you; it’s your story. When we love a piece of work, it is because it touches something true within us and reflects that back to us. We are as much a part of the art as the artist. This has been true for every piece I have loved and, so, I humbly present my work to those who love art.”

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