Nantucket, MA •

Sanchez Saunders

A self taught , Headshot and Landscape fine art photographer since 2013 . Sanchez captures scenery mostly of Nantucket and headshots at his home studio unless required to shoot on location. Sanchez captures the beauty, grace , enthusiasm and strength in people. He  is not a fan of using the words CHEESE  or SMILE  in […]

Lara C. Chapman

Lara C. Chapman is a amateur fine art nature photographer, writer and college professor, teaching communication arts and media studies at several universities. She has written for various publications including newspapers, magazines and commercial websites, specializing in business profiles and feature stories. Her passion for nature photography and poetry led to the creation of a […]

Joseph Cacarillo

Joesph Cacarillo attended Pratt Institute from 1963 to 1967and studied Interior Design and Photography.He worked as an interior designer for several design and architecturalfirms including Edward Durell Stone Architects.He designed for SLS Environetics for 5years and became Head Director of Design.SLS was the largest design firm at that time and had both national and international […]

Yann Toledano

Yann Toledano has been photographing the ocean since 2004. Since that time he has traveled the world to capture the colors and dynamic movement of the most beautiful oceans and beaches. He studied Fine Art and Illustration at The School of Visual Art in New York City, and received his BFA in 1999. Yann’s work is […]

Lauri Robertson

A street photographer in the 1970’s, Lauri Robertson has journeyed from black and white to color. From darkroom to digital, from people to landscape to still life. The  views from the more contemplative perspectives of middle age. Photo realism in the simplest sense, Robertson’s images become abstractions in the intimacy of their pattern, texture, and […]