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Jocelyn Sandor Urban

From an early age, Jocelyn pursued her passions of riding horses, drawing and playing tennis. While in high school she began to draw horses, slowly perfecting a skill that would become a career. As high school drew to its conclusion, college tennis and a degree in fine art from Skidmore College loomed. Riding would take […]

Ivana Masitova

Ivana Mašitová is a Czech Glass Artist and Contemporary Glass Artist. She creates mainly Cast Glass Sculptures. Her works are included in many major modern art collections, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum London United Kingdom, Corning Museum of Glass New York USA, National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo Japan, National Gallery Prague the Czech Republic and many others. “Ivana Mašitová was a student of professor Stanislav Libenský […]

Aron Leaman

Aron Leaman has been working with glass since 2001. He has spent years traveling and honing his skills working with many glass artist from around the world.  He currently resides in Lowell, Ma where he has started Mill City Glass Works. His work is playful, colorful, and will make you smile. For him it is mostly […]

Susan Currie

Susan Currie

susan currie is a west palm beach based visual artist who integrates vibrant color with timeless geometric elements in her printmaking and painting — her photographs often serving as prompts for creative exploration. susan’s chromatic takes on simple universal elements extend a nod to the art of play and to the wonder of childhood, a subject she faithfully […]

Susanne White

Susanne White

Susanne White’s paintings are bold, expressive, and explode from the canvas.  She creates a heightened version of reality, based on her inner vision. “I paint so that I can see what I think.” White has exhibited in solo and group shows in New England and in juried shows throughout the U.S.  Her paintings are in […]

Antonia Tyz Peeples

Water is a never ending source of inspiration for me. Each day, one painting after another, I seek an ever deepening understanding of its essence. The more I observe, the more it seems there is for me to discover. The ocean in particular has captured my imagination. The surface designs, deep waters and shore breaks […]

Hall Groat II

Hall Groat II Biography, Contemporary Painter, AmericanPainter Hall Groat II, Professor of Art,and Design at State University of New York atBroome, teaches foundation courses in painting, drawing, and computer graphics. Groat earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing from City University of New York at Brooklyn, a Bachelor of Arts in […]

Justin LaRocca Hansen

Growing up in a tiny town in Massachusetts and spending summers in a tinier village in Cape Cod, I gave myself a slight change of scenery by attending art school at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. And that is where I fell in love with watercolor. After graduating, I moved to […]

Robin & Julia Rogers

Physically and metaphorically we put our minds, hearts and hands together to create sculptural works. We use glass as a material because we are enlivened by its inherent qualities; its luminosity, viscosity, and seductive flow. Our inspiration is drawn from the natural world, personal experience, family life, music, psychology, and science. Complex and mystifying, the […]