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Jocelyn Sandor Urban

From an early age, Jocelyn pursued her passions of riding horses, drawing and playing tennis. While in high school she began to draw horses, slowly perfecting a skill that would become a career. As high school drew to its conclusion, college tennis and a degree in fine art from Skidmore College loomed. Riding would take a temporary pause.While at Skidmore, Jocelyn played varsity tennis and completed her degree in fine art, winning the  Pamela Weidenman Memorial Prize for outstanding achievement in lithography and or printmaking. From there a graduate degree and a rotary fellowship in printmaking took her to the University of Stockholm. Throughout this period of scholarship, she continued to draw, slowly developing a horse portrait business that would compliment her printmaking career.Jocelyn returned to her home state of Connecticut once her academic pursuits were completed. Here her portraiture would become her primary focus. Drawing and painting animals for a growing clientele soon consumed her professional commitments.Like Rick, Jocelyn attended the barn warming party. Soon horses, dogs, and cats arrived on a farm, recently purchased, and riding was re-introduced to her life. Here the concept of recreating images as fine art reproductions materialized, and FurSure Enterprises, a greeting card company, was founded.A life with animals has been wholesome and rewarding. A passion enabled Jocelyn reach the pinnacle of animal portraiture. While most of her work is in private collections, much of it is also represented in the greeting cards available in the Urban Visual Media website. The images have grown in subject matter and compliment the humor found in many of the original FurSure Enterprise collection.

Jocelyn Sandor Urban
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