Nantucket, MA •

Wesley Hunting Jr.
Contemporary Fine Art Glass

Growing up with my father, Wes Hunting Sr, I was exposed to
the creative and technical aspects of being a professional artist at a
very early age. I can remember being in the glass studio watching
my father work as early as five years old. Though I didn’t start
experimenting with the material until I was fifteen, I feel the time I
spent observing my father attend shows, conceptualize new work,
and run a glass studio set me on a path of glass very early on.
When I began attending Ripon college in 2005, I had already been working in
the glass studio regularly, and I began a search for other influences to further my
abilities. I started working for other glass artists, as well as attended Penland
School of Craft in North Carolina. I attribute these experiences as a major
accelerator to my skill set. From there, I started to create work and attend art
shows in my home state of Wisconsin. It was then that I began having tremendous
success with the “Remnant Vessel” series.
The “Remnant Vessels” are created by making traditionally blown glass
forms, making cold alterations to them, and assembling the new elements together
to create a completely new form. By working the material both molten and cold, I
am able to achieve forms that are truly original. Since I began showing them in my
area in 2011, I have won Best glass awards in many shows in the mid-west,
including the Madison Museum of Art Festival. I have also been juried into
nationally recognized art shows, and have been invited to show in many galleries
I truly am in love with the glass medium, and am thrilled to be involved with
the fine art community. My recent success only serves as motivation to work harder
and strive to create bigger and better things in glass.

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