Nantucket, MA •

Kasia Bruniany

Evocative and compelling works of Kasia Bruniany reveal the intimacy of our physical world, inviting contemplation of places and events where emotions define a singular moment in time.

Drawing from the entire body of her rich European heritage, the artist explores the boundaries between realism and abstraction, fusing together the contradictory qualities of real and imagined, classic academic and modern abstract, intentional composition and intuitive gesture. The subtly narrative, ethereal subjects breaking through mystical, gestural backgrounds suggest elements of real life, the visual reminders of her personal experiences and emotions.

Painting is Kasia’s passion and fulfillment. She earned her master’s degree in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. The artist has pursued an intriguing career path. Her series of etchings were exhibited across Europe. For the television, she created over one hundred set designs. Moving to the United States, in 2000, she started out in Pittsburgh as a commercial graphic designer and art director. In 2013, she moved to Sarasota, Florida, to focus exclusively on her fine art.

She exhibited her art in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in the US and Europe, receiving numerous recognitions.

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