Nantucket, MA •

Fara Thomas

Fara is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist whose art is a personal expression of life, with all of its textures and layers. Her work consistently provides a strong contrast of vivid colors and open space; creating images that can excite the senses or sooth the mind, but always vibrate with undeniable energy. And while each work is abstract in style, the viewer will often see elements of nature within each painting.

Though the design tone of Fara’s art can range from sleek and modern to weathered and organic, there is always an unmistakable sense of sophistication to each painting. To create these beautiful compositions, Fara uses acrylic paint and alcohol ink. Alcohol inks are extremely unpredictable, so Fara has learned to embrace their free-flow quality and carefully direct the multiple layers for the desired final effect. A finished painting can have up to thirty layers making each one a rare combination of abandon and control; harnessed together by endless hours of experience for a finished creation that is beautiful, fresh and elegant.

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