Nantucket, MA •

Jane Santini

Jane began making Sailor Valentines in 1986 after a vacation on Sanibel Island, where she saw the art for the first time. Her father worked at sea much of his life and he often would bring home shells from far away. Shortly after discovering Sailor Valentines, Jane was diagnosed with Lyme disease. It took many […]

Suzanne Marie Dietsch

SUZANNE MARIE DIETSCH is a multi-time first place and best-in-show recipient in the most competitive shell competitions in the country: Philadelphia, Sarasota and Sanibel. The artist is known for her creative, three-dimensional approach to this craft. One of her goals is to honor the nautical folk-art history of Sailors Valentines while creating a contemporary spin. […]

Karin Almir

Karin Almir was introduced to the world of seashells as a child at the seaside in Russia. She moved to Southern California 16 years ago. Though educated as an engineer,the drawing and drafting skills I’d developed as an engineer come in handy when I am trying to come up with more complex and intricate designs […]