Nantucket, MA •

Deborah Bigeleisen

Painter Deborah Bigeleisen’s evocative paintings of natural forms encompass endlessly engaging energy, movement and mystery. Using a single image of a flower as her inspiration, she captures the fleeting effect of natural phenomena and immortalizes the transitory nature of life. Peeling away the layers and magnifying the image to its core, she exposes the depth […]

James Kubiatowicz

James Kubiatowicz

My wife of 56 years and I moved to Providence, Rhode Island eighteen years ago to be near family. This after sixty years of living in Minnesota – it’s been quite an adventure!!   Since then, I have been engaged in an encore career as an oil painter and am amazed and humbled by the […]

Starlet Jacobs

Starlet Jacobs

Painter I am a set designer and artist living in NYC and spending my weekends/summers in Guilford, Connecticut. I have always loved to paint using different mediums, and find the most joy in watercolors. Over the years after much experimentation I have developed my own style with watercolor paints. At the moment, my favorite subjects […]

Mariel Bass

Contemporary Art Glass Mariel Bass studied fine art and glass at Massachusetts College of Art, where she first discovered the art of glass blowing and earned a bachelor of fine art degree in 2005. She has attended workshops and well known craft schools throughout the U.S., such as Pilchuck in Washington, Haystack School of Crafts […]

Thomas Scoon

   In my work, I create figures from sequences of stone and glass. The figures rise up from the external landscape where I live, a place filled with remnants of stonewalls and glacial erratic. I gather stones from quarry rubble and from New Hampshire neighbors who allow me to choose stone from their land. The […]

Florence Putterman

Florence Putterman

Painter Florence Putterman was awarded a National Endowment Grant in 1979 and has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe. She received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Pennsylvania State University in 1988 and fellowships from the Virginia Center for the Arts in 1983 and 1984. Her paintings and […]

Lori Disanto

Florida-based artist, Loli DiSanto, leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes. Her works are an outward expression of her most treasured memories and innermost thoughts. Loli’s remembrances of her early career as a competitive figure skater (a world characterized by neon, glitz, and the most glamorous aspects of pop culture) are informed by her insights […]

Jocelyn Sandor Urban

From an early age, Jocelyn pursued her passions of riding horses, drawing and playing tennis. While in high school she began to draw horses, slowly perfecting a skill that would become a career. As high school drew to its conclusion, college tennis and a degree in fine art from Skidmore College loomed. Riding would take […]

Ivana Masitova

Ivana Mašitová is a Czech Glass Artist and Contemporary Glass Artist. She creates mainly Cast Glass Sculptures. Her works are included in many major modern art collections, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum London United Kingdom, Corning Museum of Glass New York USA, National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo Japan, National Gallery Prague the Czech Republic and many others. “Ivana Mašitová was a student of professor Stanislav Libenský […]

Aron Leaman

Aron Leaman has been working with glass since 2001. He has spent years traveling and honing his skills working with many glass artist from around the world.  He currently resides in Lowell, Ma where he has started Mill City Glass Works. His work is playful, colorful, and will make you smile. For him it is mostly […]